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I’m Ann Fields and have decided to run for Iowa House District #28.  Why? Let me tell you a little bit about myself to explain my reasons.  My first husband and I farmed with his dad in NE Iowa, started farming in 1971, bought land in 1979 (close to the high until 2003), and had to file for bankruptcy in the mid 1980s, losing our farm, but saving the family farm. We raised two great kids; I worked at a local tiling manufacturing plant and later the grain elevator, as well as being active in church, school, Chamber of Commerce, and farm organizations. 

But once my kids left for college, I decided it was time for me to go college to learn what was going on with the farm economy. I moved to Ames to start college the day after I turned 40.  After receiving my BA in Ag Business, MA in Ag Economics, and PhD in Education & Policy Studies, I started at William Penn University (retiring in May 2018) where I taught and worked my way to become the first woman president at William Penn University for four years before returning to what I love – teaching.  

I am married to Lanny Fields (retired from 27 yrs with the Dept of Human Services), live in Knoxville (14 years), and together we have 4 kids and 10 grandkids.

I am active with the Knoxville Food Youth Initiative (KFYI) serving free summer lunches to kids 0 -18. I helped start and organize this group and now I serve as Treasurer. The goal for summer 2018 is serving 7,000 meals. I am also a part-time organist and past president of my church. For the last 10 years, I have been a Board member for the Family Planning Council of Iowa. 

United By A Common Goal

Here I am with my Leadership class from William Penn.  Diversity has made us stronger!

We’ve all heard the old saying, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men to do nothing.”  Although I am proud to be an Iowan, there are many examples of how we are headed in the wrong direction. As a woman I want to do something to change

the direction of Iowa.

Collective bargaining restored; minimum wage increased 

Health care and mental health services expanded 

Agriculture – profitable and sustainable 

Natural Resources – clean water & air, support for  solar and wind energy 

Gender equality and women’s reproductive rights 

Education – quality from preschool to university

Get Involved

I can't win this race without your help. Flyering, knocking on doors, hosting house parties, word-of-mouth, and donating are all ways of helping us achieve our goals together.  Get involved now to get Iowa back on track.


70% of 18-29 year olds DID NOT vote

60% of 30-44 year olds DID NOT vote

38% of 45-64 year olds DID NOT vote

15% of 65+ citizens DID NOT vote

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I'm working for change

Over 20 years in Agriculture

I was a farm wife in NE Iowa and went through the Farm Debt Crisis.  I studied agriculture to find out what happened.

Agriculture must be profitable and sustainable.

Fighting for Women's Rights

In Iowa, 1 out of 7 women live in poverty and the number is rising.  Iowa women currently earn 76.5 cents to every dollar 

earned by a man.

Women's rights are human rights.  

People need to be able to decide their own family planning needs, sexual orientation, and affordable, accessible health care.

A Stronger Iowa

I'm fighting for issues that directly impact the people of Iowa - higher minimum wage, collective bargaining rights, health care and mental health facilities, and education.